The Collaboration Promotions Of Government and Industry Advance Protection

The United States was commended today by Velodyne Lidar, Inc. (Nasdaq: VLDR, VLDRW). National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) Department of Transportation plans to move to their New Vehicle Evaluation Software (NCAP). In order to keep pace with the advancement of safety technology, the NHTSA proposal added the NCAP with four advanced driving assistance (ADAS) capabilities and provided customers with much needed details.

The US is NCAP. Government’s first consumer information program for measuring the efficiency of automotive safety. The NHTSA plan to incorporate ADAS technology to the NCAP contains automated FMB, support for lane cleaning, blind spot warning and blind spot action. The proposal seeks comment on the appropriate means of improving the NHTSA ADAS ranking system. It also calls for feedback on practicable ways to express this information on the Monroney name, seen on all new cars and supplied.

Fostering safety

The plan of NHTSA is capable of saving lives. The addition of ADAS to NCAP represents an outstanding step in fostering safety in cars and showing customers how they can and can not,” says Mircea Gradu, PhD, Senior Product and Quality Vice President, Nasdaq: VLDR at has long been active in standardizing ADAS functionality and developing a ranking scale that tests ADAS performance standards with NHTSA and with other auto safety managers. We are looking forward to collaborating on the essential project with the department and all stakeholders.

For years Velodyne has been working on tests of lidar sensors and the development of ADAS safety metrics. New preparation by NHTSA helps Velodyne to share the observations of the organization by weighing on the capabilities of lidarscentric ADAS systems, with superior performance after sunrise. Lidar lights itself up; its spectrum of laser beams will detect the surroundings both in the dark and in daylight correctly. Lidar has long been a key autonomous driving sensor and Velodyne now uses lidar technologies for the safety of ADAS cars to provide software and lidar system solutions to increasing safety and protest increases.

Ranking scheme for five diamonds

Nasdaq: VLDR is committed to encouraging awareness of the advanced user, industry, government, public safety and community driving technologies’ safety and mobility benefits. These activities include establishing a five-diamond ranking system process to create consistent ADAS performance evaluations. The framework aims at fostering market transparency and optimizing the beneficial effects of ADAS technology.

The five-level ranking system uses diamonds to achieve major milestones in the efficiency of automotive structures. The key equipment ADAS includes adaptive cruise control, lane maintenance, automatic emergency braking, automatic emergency control and blindspot tracking. This system includes five diamond rating systems.

Velodyne has submitted to the NHTSA, SAE International, Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), National Transport Safety Board (NTSB) and International Partnership for Mobility Testing and Standardisation organizations a new framework that will promote the refining and quantification of performance descriptions (IAMTS).  Before investing, you can check other stocks like nasdaq amzn at


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