(Alphabetical by First Name)

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Aaliyah -SEE YHHF (1999)
Aaron Carter -SEE YHHF (2001)
Abigail Breslin -SEE YHHF (2007)
Adam Rich -SEE YHHF (1979)
Adam Sevani (2000's)
Adam Wylie (1990's)
Adelaide Lawrence -SEE YHHF (1913)
Adele de Garde -SEE YHHF (1909)
Adrian Hall (1960's)
Adriana Caselotti (1930's)
Ahmad Nurradin (1970's)
Aida Armand (1900's)
Aida Horton -SEE YHHF (1919)
Aileen Quinn (1980's)
Alan Crosland Jr. (1920's)
Albert Kingsley (1920's)
Albert Schaefer (1920's)
Alberta Vaughn (1920's)
Albin Jenkins (1970's)
Alessia Cara -SEE YHHF (2017)
Alexander Polinsky (1980's)
"Alfalfa" Carl Switzer -SEE YHHF (1936)
Alfonso Ribeiro -SEE YHHF (1987)
Alfred Lutter (1970's)
Alice Waldron (1920's)
Alicia Keys -SEE YHHF (2002)
Alicia Silverstone -SEE YHHF (1997)
Alison Arngrim -SEE YHHF (1977)
All-4-One (1990's)
Allen Martin Jr. (1940's)
Alma Frederic (1910's)
Alvarez Sisters -Juanita & Ruth (1940's)
Aly & AJ -SEE YHHF (2007)
Alyssa Milano -SEE YHHF (1986)
Amanda Bynes -SEE YHHF (2003)
Amanda Peterson (1980's)
Andrea McLaughlin -SEE YHHF (1952)
Andre Gower (1980's)
Andres Velazquez (1950's)
Andrew Knott (1990's)
Andy Clarke -SEE YHHF (1914)
Andy Gibb -SEE YHHF (1977)
Andy Samuel -SEE YHHF (1924)
Andy Shuford -SEE YHHF (1931)
Andy Williams "The Williams Brothers" (1970's)
Angel Florez (1970's)
Angela Cartwright -SEE YHHF (1959)
Angela Lansbury -SEE YHHF (1945)
Angus T. Jones -SEE YHHF (2009)
Anissa Jones -SEE YHHF (1968)
Anita Louise -SEE YHHF (1931)
Anita Page -SEE YHHF (1928)
Anita Snell (1910's)
Anita Stewart -SEE YHHF (1913)
Ann Barnes (1950's)
Ann Carter (1940's)
Ann Gillis -SEE YHHF (1939)
Ann Jillian (1960's)
Ann Miller -SEE YHHF (1943)
Ann Rutherford -SEE YHHF (1938)
Ann Todd -SEE YHHF (1942)
Anna Maria Alberghetti (1950's)
Anna Mae Bilson (1920's)
Anna Chlumsky (1990's)
Anna Paquin -SEE YHHF (2000)
Anna May Wong (1920's)
Annabel Magness (1920's)
AnnaSophia Robb -SEE YHHF (2011)
Anne Baxter (1940's)
Anne Chevalier (1930's)
Anne Hathaway (2000's)
Anne Howard (1930's)
Anne Shirley -SEE YHHF (1935)
Anne Whitfield -SEE YHHF (1948)
Annette Funicello -SEE YHHF (1956)
Annette Gorman (1960's)
Anthony Michael Hall -SEE YHHF (1985)
Anthony Lang (1950's)
Anthony Wager (1940's)
Antrim Short -SEE YHHF (1917)
Ariana Grande -SEE YHHF (2012)
Ariana Richards (1990's)
Ariel Winter -SEE YHHF (2015)
Arlene McQuade -SEE YHHF (1950)
Art Winkler (1920's)
Arthur Cadwell Jr. (1910's)
Arthur Lake -SEE YHHF (1925)
Arthur Trimble -SEE YHHF (1926)
Artye Folz (1920's)
Asa Butterfield -SEE YHHF (2014)
Ashlee Simpson -SEE YHHF (2004)
Ashley Johnson (1990's)
Ashley Olsen -SEE YHHF (1995)
Ashley Tisdale -SEE YHHF (2006)
A-Teens (2000's)
Audrey Berry -SEE YHHF (1915)
Austen Jewell (1920's)
Austin Mahone -SEE YHHF (2013)
Avril Lavigne -SEE YHHF (2003)


B.G. Norman (1950's)
B2K -SEE YHHF (2002)
Baby Carmen De Rue -SEE YHHF (1915)
Baby Early Gorman -SEE YHHF (1913)
Baby Gerrity (1910's)
Baby Holman (1910's)
Baby Ivy Ward -SEE YHHF (1919)
Baby Jane aka Juanita Quigley -SEE YHHF (1936)
Baby LeRoy (1930's)
Baby Lillian Wade -SEE YHHF (1913)
Baby Lorna Volare (1910's)
Baby Marie Osborne "Little Mary Sunshine" -SEE YHHF (1916)
Baby Patsy (1930's)
Baby Peggy Montgomery -SEE YHHF (1921)
Baby Priscilla Moran -SEE YHHF (1924)
Baby Quintanilla (1940's)
Baby Sandy (1940's)
Baby Snookums aka Sunny Jim McKeen -SEE YHHF (1929)
Baby Spofford (1910's)
Backstreet Boys -SEE YHHF (1998)
Badgett Dale (1990's)
Balthazar Getty (1990's)
Barbara Beaird (1960's)
Barbara Brower (1920's)
Barbara Maier (1920's)
Barbara Whiting (1940's)
Barret Oliver (1980's)
Barry Gordon (1950's)
Barry Livingston -SEE YHHF (1965)
Barry Williams -SEE YHHF (1972)
Bayn Johnson (1970's)
Beach Boys -SEE YHHF (1963)
The Beatles -SEE YHHF (1964)
Bebe Daniels -SEE YHHF (1915)
Bella Thorne -SEE YHHF (2012)
Ben Alexander -SEE YHHF (1923)
Ben Cooper (1910's)
Ben Savage -SEE YHHF (1995)
Bennie Bartlett -SEE YHHF (1939)
Bernard Berger (1920's)
Bernard Punsly "Dead End Kids" -SEE YHHF (1939)
Bessie Love -SEE YHHF (1917)
Betsy Ann Hisle (1920's)
Betsy King Ross (1930's)
Betta St. John (1940's)
Betty Brewer (1940's)
Betty Bronson -SEE YHHF (1925)
Betty Grable (1930's)
Betty Jane Graham (1930's)
Betty Jean Hainey (1930's)
Betty Hall (1920's)
Betty Holt (1930's)
Betty Lou Keim (1950's)
Betty Marsh (1910's)
Betty Jane Rhodes (1930's)
Beulah Burns (1910's)
Beverley Mitchell -SEE YHHF (2001)
Beverly Sue Simmons -SEE YHHF (1946)
Beverly Washburn (1950's)
Beyonce Knowles /Destiny's Child -SEE YHHF (2000)
Big Time Rush -SEE YHHF (2011)
Bill Cody Jr. (1930's)
Billie Lord (1920's)
Billie "Buckwheat" Thomas -SEE YHHF (1936)
Billy Aber (1920's)
Billy Barty (1920's)
Billy Butts -SEE YHHF (1928)
Billy Burrud (1930's)
Billy Chapin (1950's)
Billy Cook (1930's)
Billy Gilman -SEE YHHF (2001)
Billy Gray -SEE YHHF (1955)
Billy Halop -SEE YHHF (1935)
Billy Hughes Jr. (1960's)
Billy Idelson -SEE YHHF (1935)
Billy Jacobs -SEE YHHF (1915)
Billy Jacoby (1980's)
Billy "Red" Jones (1920's)
Billy Lee -SEE YHHF (1940)
Billy Lenhart (1940's)
Billy Mahan -SEE YHHF (1937)
Billy Mauch -SEE YHHF (1938)
Billy Mumy -SEE YHHF (1967)
Billy Naylor (1920's)
Billy Rinaldi (1920's)
Billy Seay (1920's)
Billy Watson (1930's)
Billy Wirth (1910's)
Billy Zabka (1980's)
Bindi Irwin -SEE YHHF (2007)
Blanche Sweet -SEE YHHF (1911)
Blake Lively -SEE YHHF (2008)
Blaque (2000's)
Bob Hastings (1940's)
Bob Steele -SEE YHHF (1928)
Bobbie Anderson aka Robert J. Anderson (1940's)
Bobbie Hickman (1930's)
Bobby Ross Avila (1980's)
Bobby Blake -SEE YHHF (1945)
Bobby Breen -SEE YHHF (1938)
Bobby Brown -SEE YHHF (1989)
Bobby Buntrock -SEE YHHF (1964)
Bobby Burgess -SEE YHHF (1956)
Bobby Clack (1930's)
Bobby Connelly -SEE YHHF (1915)
Bobby Diamond -SEE YHHF (1957)
Bobby Driscoll -SEE YHHF (1948)
Bobby Ellis (1940's)
Bobby Gordon (1920's)
Bobby Harron (Robert Harron) -SEE YHHF (1912)
Bobby "Wheezer" Hutchins -SEE YHHF (1930)
Bobby Jacoby (1980's)
Bobby Jordan "Dead End Kids" -SEE YHHF (1939)
Bobby Larson (1940's)
Bobby Mauch -SEE YHHF (1938)
Bobby Nelson -SEE YHHF (1929)
Bobby Rydell -SEE YHHF (1960)
Bobby Vee -SEE YHHF (1961)
Bobby Vernon -SEE YHHF (1916)
Bobby "Bonedust" Young (1920's)
Bobs Watson -SEE YHHF (1940)
Bonita Granville -SEE YHHF (1938)
Bonnie Barrett (1920's)
Bonnie Langford (1970's)
Lil' Bow Wow -SEE YHHF (2001)
Boyz II Men -SEE YHHF (1992)
Brad Renfro -SEE YHHF (1997)
The Brady Bunch -SEE YHHF (1972)
Brandon Call -SEE YHHF (1993)
Brandon Cruz -SEE YHHF (1971)
Brandon DeWilde -SEE YHHF (1954)
Brandon Walters (2000's)
Brandy -SEE YHHF (1996)
Breezy Brisbane aka Kendall McComas (1930's)
Breezy Eason Jr. -SEE YHHF (1921)
Brenda Lee -SEE YHHF (1960)
Brian Austin Green -SEE YHHF (1992)
Brian Bloom -SEE YHHF (1986)
Brian Bonsall -SEE YHHF (1988)
Brian Forster (1970's)
Brian Nash (1960's)
Brian Roper (1940's)
The Brian Sisters (1930's)
Brice Beckham -SEE YHHF (1987)
Bridgette Andersen (1980's)
Bridgit Mendler -SEE YHHF (2011)
Britney Spears -SEE YHHF (1999)
Brittany Snow -SEE YHHF (2004)
Brooke Shields -SEE YHHF (1980)
Bruce Guerin -SEE YHHF (1925)
Bruce Lindgren (1950's)
Bruce "Buzz" Podewell (1950's)
Bryan Chafin (2000's)
Bryan Russell (1960's)
Bubbles Brown (1910's)
Buck Black -SEE YHHF (1926)
Buck Dale (1930's)
"Buckwheat" Billie Thomas -SEE YHHF (1936)
Buddy Foster (1960's)
Buddy McDonald (1930's)
Buddy Messinger -SEE YHHF (1921)
Buddy Smith (1920's)
Buddy Swan (1940's)
Bug Hall (1990's)
Burt Ross Jr. (1920's)
Burt Ward -SEE YHHF (1967)
Burwell Hamrick (1910's)
Buster Roswell Johnson -SEE YHHF (1913)
Buster Phelps -SEE YHHF (1934)
Buster Slaven (1930's)
Butch Patrick -SEE YHHF (1966)
"Butch" Tommy Bond -SEE YHHF (1939)
Buzz Barton -SEE YHHF (1928)
Buzz Henry -SEE YHHF (1946)
Byron Thames (1980's)


C.B. Barnes aka Christopher Daniel Barnes (1980's)
C. Thomas Howell -SEE YHHF (1984)
The Cabin Kids (1930's)
Cameron Boyce -SEE YHHF (2016)
Camille Winbush -SEE YHHF (2004)
Cammie King (1930's)
Candace Cameron -SEE YHHF (1993)
Carey Wong (1970's)
Carl "Alfalfa" Switzer -SEE YHHF (1936)
Carmen De Rue -SEE YHHF (1915)
Carol Lynley (1950's)
Carol Yorke (1940's)
Carole Ann Campbell (1950's)
Carolyn Lee (1940's)
Carrie Fisher -SEE YHHF (1977)
Carrie Wells (1980's)
Catherine Cotter (1920's)
Cathie Taylor (1950's)
Chad Allen -SEE YHHF (1988)
Chandler Riggs -SEE YHHF (2014)
Charlene Tilton -SEE YHHF (1980)
Charlene Wyatt (1930's)
Charles Bates (1940's)
Charles Stuart Blackton (1900's)
Charles Herbert (1950's)
Charlie Korsmo (1990's)
Charlotte Church -SEE YHHF (2000)
Charlotte Fitzpatrick (1910's)
Charlotte Henry (1930's)
Charlotte Merriam -SEE YHHF (1920)
Cher -SEE YHHF (1966)
Cheryl Holdridge -SEE YHHF (1956)
Chet Allen (1950's)
China Anne McClain -SEE YHHF (2012)
Chloe Grace Moretz -SEE YHHF (2013)
Chris Brown -SEE YHHF (2006)
Chris Ciampa (1970's)
Chris Colfer -SEE YHHF (2010)
Chris Young (1980's)
Christian Bale (1980's)
Christian Slater -SEE YHHF (1990)
Christina Aguilera -SEE YHHF (2000)
Christina Applegate -SEE YHHF (1990)
Christina Ricci -SEE YHHF (1995)
Christopher Atkins (1980's)
Christopher Daniel Barnes aka C.B. Barnes (1980's)
Christopher Knight -SEE YHHF (1972)
Christopher Pettiet (1990's)
Christopher Walken aka Ronnie Walken (1950's)
Norman "Chubby" Chaney -SEE YHHF (1931)
Chubby Checker -SEE YHHF (1961)
Ciara -SEE YHHF (2005)
Cindy Carol (1960's)
Clarice Snyder (1910's)
Claire Danes -SEE YHHF (1996)
Claire Mersereau (1910's)
Claire Wilcox (1960's)
Clara Bow -SEE YHHF (1924)
Clara Horton -SEE YHHF (1914)
Clare Foley (1940's)
Clark Brandon (1970's)
Claude Jarman Jr. -SEE YHHF (1949)
Clifford Callis (1910's)
Clint Howard -SEE YHHF (1969)
Clive Powell (1960's)
Cole Sprouse -SEE YHHF (2006)
Cody Simpson -SEE YHHF (2012)
Colleen Miller (1950's)
Colleen Moore -SEE YHHF (1918)
The Collins Kids (1950's)
Connie Francis -SEE YHHF (1959)
Connie Laird (1940's)
Connie Marshall -SEE YHHF (1948)
Conrad Binyon -SEE YHHF (1944)
Constance Good (1970's)
Constance Talmadge -SEE YHHF (1914)
Cora Sue Collins -SEE YHHF (1935)
Corbin Bleu -SEE YHHF (2007)
Corey Feldman -SEE YHHF (1989)
Corey Haim -SEE YHHF (1989)
Corin "Corky" Nemec -SEE YHHF (1992)
Corky Pigeon (1980's)
Coy Watson Jr. -SEE YHHF (1922)
Cubby O'Brien -SEE YHHF (1956)
"Cuddles" Lila Lee -SEE YHHF (1919)
Curtis Wong (1970's)


Daisy D'Ora (1920's)
Dakota Fanning -SEE YHHF (2004)
Dana Hill (1980's)
Dana Plato -SEE YHHF (1980)
Danica McKellar -SEE YHHF (1991)
Daniel Radcliffe -SEE YHHF (2002)
Danielle Bradbery -SEE YHHF (2014)
Danielle Brisebois -SEE YHHF (1981)
Danielle Fishel -SEE YHHF (1997)
Danielle Spencer -SEE YHHF (1978)
Danny & The Juniors -SEE YHHF (1958)
Danny Bonaduce -SEE YHHF (1973)
Danny Chang (1950's)
Danny Cooksey (1980's)
Danny Mummert -SEE YHHF (1942)
Danny Pintauro -SEE YHHF (1987)
Darby Hinton -SEE YHHF (1967)
Darla Hood -SEE YHHF (1937)
Darlene Gillespie -SEE YHHF (1956)
Darryl Hickman -SEE YHHF (1945)
Daveigh Chase (2000's)
Davey Lee -SEE YHHF (1929)
David Archuleta -SEE YHHF (2008)
David Campbell "Little Davey" (1910's)
David Cassidy -SEE YHHF (1971)
David Doremus (1970's)
David Durand -SEE YHHF (1932)
David Eberts (1980's)
David Faustino -SEE YHHF (1990)
David Gallagher -SEE YHHF (2003)
David W. Harper -SEE YHHF (1974)
David Henrie -SEE YHHF (2010)
David Holt -SEE YHHF (1938)
David Kory (1960's)
David Ladd (1960's)
David Mendenhall -SEE YHHF (1984)
David Nelson -SEE YHHF (1953)
David Rollins (1920's)
David Stollery -SEE YHHF (1957)
David Leo Tillotson (1930's)
David Williams "The Williams Brothers" (1970's)
Dawn Bender -SEE YHHF (1945)
Dead End Kids -SEE YHHF (1939)
Dean Stockwell -SEE YHHF (1947)
Deanna Durbin -SEE YHHF (1937)
Debbie Gibson -SEE YHHF (1988)
Debbie Reynolds -SEE YHHF (1953)
Debby Ryan -SEE YHHF (2012)
Debi Storm (1970's)
Dee Caspary (1990's)
Dee Dee Davis -SEE YHHF (2005)
Dee Lampton (1910's)
Deidre Gale (1930's)
Delia Bogard -SEE YHHF (1930)
Delmar Watson -SEE YHHF (1939)
DeMarco Sisters -SEE YHHF (1947)
Demi Lovato -SEE YHHF (2009)
Dena Penn (1940's)
Dennis Holmes (1960's)
Denny Devine (1940's)
Derek Scott (1940's)
Derry Dee (1920's)
Desi Arnaz Jr. (1970's)
Destiny's Child -SEE YHHF (2000)
Devon Werkheiser (2000's)
Diana Hale aka Patti Hale (1940's)
Diana Lynn (1940's)
Diana Ross /The Supremes -SEE YHHF (1965)
Diane Fisher (1930's)
Diane Lane -SEE YHHF (1983)
Dick Gray (1910's)
Dick Henderson Jr. (1930's)
Dick Holland (1940's)
Dick Van Patten -SEE YHHF (1950)
Dickie Hall (1940's)
Dickie Jackson (1930's)
Dickie Jones -SEE YHHF (1940)
Dickie Meyers (1940's)
Dickie Moore -SEE YHHF (1933)
Dickie Walters (1930's)
Dicky Brandon (1920's)
Dinky Dean (1920's)
Dion -SEE YHHF (1960)
Dino, Desi, & Billy (1960's)
Dix Davis -SEE YHHF (1944)
Dixie Dunbar (1930's)
Dixie Lee (1920's)
Dolly Heck (1910's)
Dolores Costello -SEE YHHF (1912)
Don Grady -SEE YHHF (1962)
Don Marion aka John Henry Jr. -SEE YHHF (1922)
Don Kay Reynolds (1940's)
Donald Huie (1940's)
Donald O'Connor -SEE YHHF (1943)
Donna Corcoran -SEE YHHF (1952)
Donnie Dunagan (1930's)
Donnie Melvin (1960's)
Donny & Marie -SEE YHHF (1976)
Doreen Tracey -SEE YHHF (1956)
Doreen Turner -SEE YHHF (1926)
Doris Baker -SEE YHHF (1915)
Doris Hollister (1910's)
Dorothy Benham (1910's)
Dorothy Brock (1920's)
Dorothy Love Clark (1910's)
Dorothy Davenport -SEE YHHF (1912)
Dorothy DeBorba -SEE YHHF (1932)
Dorothy Gish -SEE YHHF (1912)
Dorothy Lee -SEE YHHF (1931)
Dorothy Morgan (1920's)
Dorothy Morris (1940's)
Dorothy Seay (1920's)
Dorothy Ann Seese (1930's)
Dorothy Shirley (1920's)
Dorphia Brown (1910's)
Doug McKeon (1980's)
Douglas Emerson (1990's)
Douglas Fairbanks Jr. -SEE YHHF (1927)
Douglas "Dougie" Greer (1930's)
Douglas Scott (1930's)
Dove Cameron -SEE YHHF (2016)
Drake Bell -SEE YHHF (2005)
Dream -SEE YHHF (2001)
Dream Street (2000's)
Drew Barrymore -SEE YHHF (1984)
Duane Chase (1960's)
Durelle Alexander -SEE YHHF (1936)
Dustin Diamond -SEE YHHF (1994)
Dusty Henley (1950's)
Dylan Sprouse -SEE YHHF (2006)


Early Gorman "Baby Early" -SEE YHHF (1913)
Eddie Firestone Jr. (1930's)
Eddie Hodges -SEE YHHF (1963)
Eddie Murphy -SEE YHHF (1982)
Edith Fellows -SEE YHHF (1938)
Edith Haldeman -SEE YHHF (1910)
Edith Roberts -SEE YHHF (1916)
Edith Storey -SEE YHHF (1910)
Edna Hamel -SEE YHHF (1913)
Edna Foster -SEE YHHF (1911)
Edna May Weick -SEE YHHF (1911)
Edna May Wonacott (1940's)
Edouard Trabaol (1920's)
Edward Furlong -SEE YHHF (1998)
Edwin Hubbell (1920's)
Eileen Bernstein (1930's)
Eileen Percy -SEE YHHF (1919)
Eilene Janssen -SEE YHHF (1952)
Eleanor Kahn -SEE YHHF (1913)
Elijah Wood -SEE YHHF (1996)
Elinor Donahue -SEE YHHF (1956)
Elinor Fair -SEE YHHF (1921)
Elizabeth Berkley -SEE YHHF (1994)
Elizabeth Cheshire (1970's)
Elizabeth Ann Keever (1920's)
Elizabeth Taylor -SEE YHHF (1944)
Ella Hall -SEE YHHF (1914)
Elle Fanning -SEE YHHF (2014)
Elmo Billings (1920's)
Elvis Presley -SEE YHHF (1956)
Em "Emmie" Gorman -SEE YHHF (1918)
Emily Osment -SEE YHHF (2009)
Emily Mae Young (1990's)
Emma Roberts -SEE YHHF (2007)
Emma Watson -SEE YHHF (2002)
Emmanuel Lewis -SEE YHHF (1984)
Eric Scott -SEE YHHF (1974)
Eric Shea (1970's)
Erik Von Detten (2000's)
Erin Moran -SEE YHHF (1977)
Erin Murphy -SEE YHHF (1971)
Ernie "Sunshine Sammy" Morrison -SEE YHHF (1923)
Ernie Reyes Jr. (1980's)
Ernie Weckbaugh (1930's)
Estella Essex (1920's)
Esther Phillips aka Little Esther (1950's)
Ethel Grandin -SEE YHHF (1912)
Ethel Kauffman (1900's)
Ethelmary Oakland -SEE YHHF (1916)
Eugene "Pineapple" Jackson (1920's)
Eugene "Porky" Lee -SEE YHHF (1938)
Eva Prout -SEE YHHF (1912)
Eve Plumb -SEE YHHF (1972)
The Everly Brothers -SEE YHHF (1958)
Evelyn Mills (1920's)
Evelyn Pierce (1920's)
Evelyn Rudie (1950's)


5 Seconds of Summer -SEE YHHF (2016)
Fabian -SEE YHHF (1960)
Fairuza Balk (1980's)
Fantasia -SEE YHHF (2005)
Farina Hoskins -SEE YHHF (1926)
Fifth Harmony -SEE YHHF (2015)
Florence Klotz (1910's)
Florrie Dugger (1970's)
Frances Osman -SEE YHHF (1912)
Francis Carpenter -SEE YHHF (1917)
Frankie Avalon -SEE YHHF (1959)
Frank Coghlan Jr. "Junior Coghlan" -SEE YHHF (1926)
Frankie Darro -SEE YHHF (1926)
Frankie Genardi (1920's)
Frankie Lee -SEE YHHF (1921)
Frankie Lymon -SEE YHHF (1957)
Frankie Muniz -SEE YHHF (2000)
Frankie Thomas -SEE YHHF (1939)
Fred Savage -SEE YHHF (1989)
Freddie Bartholomew -SEE YHHF (1936)
Freddie Burke Frederick -SEE YHHF (1929)
Freddie Highmore -SEE YHHF (2008)
Freddie Prinze -SEE YHHF (1975)


Gabriel Dell "Dead End Kids" -SEE YHHF (1939)
Gary Coleman -SEE YHHF (1979)
Gary Gray -SEE YHHF (1949)
Gayla Peevey (1950's)
Gayle Reed (1950's)
Genie Francis -SEE YHHF (1981)
George Beban Jr. (1910's)
George Crane Jr. (1920's)
George Ernest -SEE YHHF (1937)
George "Spanky" McFarland -SEE YHHF (1933)
George Storey (1920's)
George "Foghorn" Winslow -SEE YHHF (1953)
Georgie Smith (1930's)
Georgie Stone -SEE YHHF (1917)
Geraldine Muir (1980's)
Gertrude Messinger -SEE YHHF (1923)
Gertrude Robinson -SEE YHHF (1910)
Gertrude Short -SEE YHHF (1918)
Gigi Perreau -SEE YHHF (1951)
Ginger Prince -SEE YHHF (1950)
Gladys Egan -SEE YHHF (1908)
Gladys Hulette -SEE YHHF (1911)
Gladys Leslie -SEE YHHF (1917)
Glenn Scarpelli -SEE YHHF (1983)
Gloria Jean -SEE YHHF (1942)
Gloria Joy -SEE YHHF (1918)
Gordon Griffith -SEE YHHF (1918)


Hailee Steinfeld -SEE YHHF (2014)
Haley Joel Osment -SEE YHHF (2000)
"Hambone" Jimmie Johnson -SEE YHHF (1930)
Hanson -SEE YHHF (1998)
Harlen Carraher (1960's)
Harold Goodwin -SEE YHHF (1919)
Harry Spear -SEE YHHF (1928)
Hayden Christensen -SEE YHHF (2002)
Hayden Panettiere -SEE YHHF (2007)
Hayley Mills -SEE YHHF (1961)
Haywood Nelson -SEE YHHF (1977)
Heather Locklear -SEE YHHF (1982)
Heather O'Rourke -SEE YHHF (1988)
Helen Badgley -SEE YHHF (1913)
Helen Costello -SEE YHHF (1912)
Helen Jerome Eddy -SEE YHHF (1916)
Helen Levine (1920's)
Helen Strohm (1950's)
Helene Pirie "Queen Titania" -SEE YHHF (1925)
Henrietta O'Beck (1910's)
Henry Blair -SEE YHHF (1946)
Henry Thomas -SEE YHHF (1982)
Hilary Duff -SEE YHHF (2003)
Howard Ralston (1920's)
Huckleberry Fox (1980's)
Hunter Hayes -SEE YHHF (2013)
Huntz Hall "Dead End Kids" -SEE YHHF (1939)


Ike Eisenmann (1970's)
Immature -SEE YHHF (1997)
Irene Dare (1930's)
Baby Ivy Ward -SEE YHHF (1919)
Ivyann Schwan (1990's)


J. Michael Moncrief (2000's)
Jace Norman -SEE YHHF (2017)
Jack Edwards (1920's)
Jack Gleeson -SEE YHHF (2014)
Jack McHugh -SEE YHHF (1928)
Jack Murphy -SEE YHHF (1926)
Jack Pickford -SEE YHHF (1911)
Jack Wild -SEE YHHF (1969)
Jackie Combs (1920's)
Jackie Condon -SEE YHHF (1923)
Jackie Coogan -SEE YHHF (1921)
Jackie Cooper -SEE YHHF (1931)
Jackie Earle Haley -SEE YHHF (1978)
Jackie "Husky" Hanes (1920's)
Jackie Horner (1940's)
Jackie "Butch" Jenkins -SEE YHHF (1947)
Jackie Levine (1920's)
Jackie Lucas -SEE YHHF (1924)
Jackie Moran -SEE YHHF (1939)
Jackie Morgan -SEE YHHF (1925)
Jackie Searle -SEE YHHF (1933)
The Jackson 5 -SEE YHHF (1970)
Jaden Smith -SEE YHHF (2013)
Jake T. Austin -SEE YHHF (2010)
Jaleel White -SEE YHHF (1991)
James Lydon -SEE YHHF (1943)
James Van Der Beek -SEE YHHF (1998)
Jamie Lynn Spears -SEE YHHF (2006)
Jane La Verne -SEE YHHF (1929)
Jane Lee -SEE YHHF (1916)
Jane Powell -SEE YHHF (1948)
Jane Withers -SEE YHHF (1936)
Janet Chapman (1930's)
Janet Jackson -SEE YHHF (1986)
Janet Louise Johnson (1970's)
Jared Gilmore -SEE YHHF (2017)
Jason Bateman -SEE YHHF (1987)
Jason Derulo -SEE YHHF (2010)
Jason Hervey -SEE YHHF (1991)
Jason Priestley -SEE YHHF (1991)
Jay North -SEE YHHF (1961)
Jay R. Smith -SEE YHHF (1927)
Jean Darling -SEE YHHF (1928)
Jean Harlow -SEE YHHF (1931)
Jean Simmons -SEE YHHF (1948)
Jeanine Ann Roose -SEE YHHF (1948)
Jeanne Carpenter -SEE YHHF (1924)
Jeannie Russell -SEE YHHF (1962)
Jena Malone -SEE YHHF (2005)
Jenna Von Oy -SEE YHHF (1993)
Jennette McCurdy -SEE YHHF (2011)
Jennie Garth -SEE YHHF (1992)
Jennifer Love Hewitt -SEE YHHF (1998)
Jennifer Lawrence -SEE YHHF (2012)
Jennifer Nevinson (1960's)
Jeremy Gelbwaks (1970's)
Jeremy Jackson -SEE YHHF (1996)
Jeremy Miller -SEE YHHF (1988)
Jeremy Suarez -SEE YHHF (2005)
Jeri Lou James -SEE YHHF (1954)
Jerry Mathers -SEE YHHF (1958)
Jerry Tucker (1930's)
Jesse McCartney -SEE YHHF (2005)
Jessica Alba -SEE YHHF (2001)
Jessica Andrews -SEE YHHF (2002)
Jessica Biel -SEE YHHF (2001)
Jessica Simpson -SEE YHHF (2000)
Jewel Carmen -SEE YHHF (1918)
Jill Corey (1950's)
Jill Whelan -SEE YHHF (1982)
Jimmie aka Rene Dary -SEE YHHF (1911)
Jimmie "Hambone" Johnson -SEE YHHF (1930)
Jimmy Boyd -SEE YHHF (1953)
Jimmy Hawkins -SEE YHHF (1954)
Jimmy Hunt -SEE YHHF (1953)
Jimmy Lydon -SEE YHHF (1943)
Jimmy McNichol (1970's)
Jimmy Osmond -SEE YHHF (1973)
Jimmy Sommer (1950's)
Joan Carroll -SEE YHHF (1945)
Joan Leslie -SEE YHHF (1942)
Joan Marsh -SEE YHHF (1932)
Jodie Foster -SEE YHHF (1976)
Jodie Sweetin -SEE YHHF (1990)
Joe Butterworth -SEE YHHF (1925)
Joe Cobb -SEE YHHF (1924)
Joey Lawrence -SEE YHHF (1993)
John Cassisi (1970's)
John Howard Davies (1940's)
John Harron -SEE YHHF (1922)
John Henry Jr. aka Don Marion -SEE YHHF (1922)
John Schnieder -SEE YHHF (1980)
John Stamos -SEE YHHF (1982)
John Tansey -SEE YHHF (1910)
Johnny Aber (1920's)
Johnny Crawford -SEE YHHF (1962)
Johnny Downs -SEE YHHF (1926)
Johnny Fox -SEE YHHF (1925)
Johnny Galecki -SEE YHHF (1995)
Johnny Jones -SEE YHHF (1920)
Johnny Sheffield -SEE YHHF (1943)
Johnny Whitaker (1968)
JoJo -SEE YHHF (2006)
JoJo Siwa -SEE YHHF (2017)
Jon Provost -SEE YHHF (1959)
Jon Walmsley -SEE YHHF (1974)
Jonathan Brandis -SEE YHHF (1994)
Jonathan Lipnicki -SEE YHHF (2002)
Jonathan Jackson -SEE YHHF (1996)
Jonathan Taylor Thomas -SEE YHHF (1996)
Jonas Brothers -SEE YHHF (2008)
Jordin Sparks -SEE YHHF (2008)
Joseph-Gordon Levitt -SEE YHHF (1999)
Joseph Mazzello -SEE YHHF (1997)
Josephine Adair -SEE YHHF (1923)
Josie Davis (1980's)
Josh Groban -SEE YHHF (2002)
Josh Hutcherson -SEE YHHF (2008)
Josh Peck -SEE YHHF (2005)
Josh Saviano -SEE YHHF (1991)
Joshua Jackson -SEE YHHF (1999)
Joss Stone -SEE YHHF (2005)
Joy Wurgaft (1930's)
Joyce Coad -SEE YHHF (1927)
Joyce Fair -SEE YHHF (1917)
Joyce Walsh -SEE YHHF (1936)
Juanita Alvarez -SEE Alvarez Sisters (1940's)
Juanita Quigley "Baby Jane" -SEE YHHF (1936)
Judson Melford -SEE YHHF (1913)
Judy Garland -SEE YHHF (1939)
Judy Norton -SEE YHHF (1974)
Julia Stiles -SEE YHHF (2001)
Julianne Hough -SEE YHHF (2008)
Juliette Lewis -SEE YHHF (1993)
June Carlson -SEE YHHF (1937)
June Johnson (1930's)
Junie Keegan -SEE YHHF (1951)
"Junior Coghlan" Frank Coghlan Jr. -SEE YHHF (1926)
Junior Durkin -SEE YHHF (1931)
Justin Berfield -SEE YHHF (2004)
Justin Bieber -SEE YHHF (2010)
Justin Henry (1970's)
Justin Timberlake /N'SYNC -SEE YHHF (1999)
Justine Bateman -SEE YHHF (1984)


Kada-Abd-el-Kader (1920's)
Kahn Kid Komedies (1920's)
Kaley Cuoco -SEE YHHF (2005)
Kami Cotler -SEE YHHF (1974)
Karan Brar -SEE YHHF (2016)
Karen Carpenter -SEE YHHF (1971)
Karen Dotrice (1960's)
Karen Pendleton -SEE YHHF (1956)
Kari Michaelson -SEE YHHF (1982)
Katherine Lee -SEE YHHF (1916)
Kathryn Beaumont (1950's)
Kathy Coleman -SEE YHHF (1976)
Kathy Garver -SEE YHHF (1968)
Katie Holmes -SEE YHHF (1999)
Keira Knightley -SEE YHHF (2004)
Keke Palmer -SEE YHHF (2009)
Kel Mitchell -SEE YHHF (1997)
Kellie Flanagan (1960's)
Kellie Martin -SEE YHHF (1991)
Kellie Pickler -SEE YHHF (2007)
Kelly Clarkson -SEE YHHF (2003)
Kelly Osbourne -SEE YHHF (2003)
Kelly Reno (1970's)
Ken Osmond -SEE YHHF (1961)
Ken Weatherwax -SEE YHHF (1966)
Kenan Thompson -SEE YHHF (1997)
Kendall McComas "Breezy Brisbane" (1930's)
Kenneth Brown (1940's)
Kenneth Casey -SEE YHHF (1910)
Kenneth Johnson (1920's)
Keshia Knight Pulliam -SEE YHHF (1986)
Kevin Corcoran -SEE YHHF (1960)
Kevin Coughlin -SEE YHHF (1955)
Kiernan Shipka -SEE YHHF (2013)
Kim Fields -SEE YHHF (1981)
Kim Richards -SEE YHHF (1978)
Kimberly McCullough -SEE YHHF (1996)
Kirk Cameron -SEE YHHF (1987)
Kirsten Storms -SEE YHHF (2004)
Kirstin Dunst -SEE YHHF (1999)
Kit Wain (1920's)
Kittens Reichert -SEE YHHF (1917)
Kodi Smit-McPhee -SEE YHHF (2016)
Kris Kross -SEE YHHF (1993)
Kristen Stewart -SEE YHHF (2009)
Kristy McNichol -SEE YHHF (1978)
Kurt Russell -SEE YHHF (1969)
Kyle Massey -SEE YHHF (2008)


L.L. Cool J. -SEE YHHF (1988)
Lacey Chabert -SEE YHHF (1998)
Lana Turner -SEE YHHF (1941)
Lara Jill Miller -SEE YHHF (1983)
Lark Voorhies -SEE YHHF (1994)
Larry Matthews -SEE YHHF (1963)
Larry Robinson -SEE YHHF (1950)
Larry Simms -SEE YHHF (1941)
Lassie Lou Ahern -SEE YHHF (1927)
Laura Marano -SEE YHHF (2016)
Laura Prepon -SEE YHHF (2001)
Lauren Chapin -SEE YHHF (1956)
Lauri Hendler -SEE YHHF (1983)
LeAnn Rimes -SEE YHHF (1997)
Lecy Goranson -SEE YHHF (1992)
Lee Aaker -SEE YHHF (1955)
Lee Erickson (1950's)
Leelee Sobieski -SEE YHHF (2003)
Leif Garrett -SEE YHHF (1978)
Leland Benham -SEE YHHF (1914)
Lena Baskette -SEE YHHF (1917)
Leni Lynn (1930's)
Lennon Sisters -SEE YHHF (1957)
Lennon Stella -SEE YHHF (2015)
Leon Holmes -SEE YHHF (1927)
Leon Janney -SEE YHHF (1931)
Leonardo DiCaprio -SEE YHHF (1995)
Lewis Sargent -SEE YHHF (1920)
Lil' Bow Wow -SEE YHHF (2001)
Lil' Romeo -SEE YHHF (2003)
Lila Lee "Cuddles" -SEE YHHF (1919)
Lila McCann -SEE YHHF (2001)
Lillian Gish -SEE YHHF (1912)
Lillian Wade -SEE YHHF (1913)
Lilliana Genardi (1920's)
Linda Blair -SEE YHHF (1974)
Linda Darnell -SEE YHHF (1941)
Lindsay & Sidney Greenbush (1970's)
Lindsay Lohan -SEE YHHF (2004)
Linda Ware (1930's)
Lisa Bonet -SEE YHHF (1987)
Lisa Loring -SEE YHHF (1966)
Lisa Whelchel -SEE YHHF (1981)
Little Esther aka Esther Phillips (1950's)
Little Lois Alexander -SEE YHHF (1916)
Little Mary Sunshine "Baby Marie Osborne" -SEE YHHF (1916)
Little Willie John -SEE YHHF (1958)
Liv Tyler -SEE YHHF (1998)
Lloyd Price -SEE YHHF (1953)
Logan Lerman -SEE YHHF (2011)
Lois Hardwick (1920's)
Lois Moran -SEE YHHF (1926)
Lon McCallister (1930's)
Lonnie Burr -SEE YHHF (1956)
Lorde -SEE YHHF (2014)
Loretta Young -SEE YHHF (1930)
Lori Martin (1960's)
Lorna Volare (1910's)
Louise Erickson -SEE YHHF (1946)
Louise Fazenda -SEE YHHF (1914)
Louise Huff (1910's)
Luana Patten -SEE YHHF (1948)
Lu Ann Simms -SEE YHHF (1953)
Lucille Ricksen -SEE YHHF (1922)
Lugene Sanders -SEE YHHF (1954)
Lukas Haas -SEE YHHF (1996)
Luke Halpin -SEE YHHF (1965)
Lydia Reed -SEE YHHF (1959)


Mabel Normand -SEE YHHF (1911)
Macaulay Culkin -SEE YHHF (1991)
Mackenzie Phillips -SEE YHHF (1978)
Mackenzie Rosman -SEE YHHF (2003)
Maddie & Tae -SEE YHHF (2017)
Madeline & Marion Fairbanks -SEE YHHF (1914)
Madge Evans -SEE YHHF (1916)
Mae Giraci -SEE YHHF (1919)
Mae Marsh (1910's)
Magda Foy -SEE YHHF (1912)
Maia Brewton (1990's)
Maisie Williams -SEE YHHF (2014)
Maisy Stella -SEE YHHF (2015)
Malcolm Sebastian -SEE YHHF (1927)
Malcolm-Jamal Warner -SEE YHHF (1987)
Mandy Moore -SEE YHHF (2000)
Manuel Padilla Jr. -SEE YHHF (1969)
Marc Copage -SEE YHHF (1970)
Marceline Day -SEE YHHF (1926)
Marcia Mae Jones -SEE YHHF (1939)
Marcus Scribner -SEE YHHF (2017)
Margaret O'Brien -SEE YHHF (1944)
Margie Gay -SEE YHHF (1926)
Marguerite Courtot -SEE YHHF (1915)
Mariah Carey -SEE YHHF (1991)
Marie Eline -SEE YHHF (1910)
Marie Gerrity (1910's)
Marie Newton -SEE YHHF (1915)
Marie Osborne "Little Mary Sunshine" -SEE YHHF (1916)
Marie Osmond -SEE YHHF (1976)
Marie Wilson (1930's)
Marilyn Knowlden (1930's)
Mario Lopez -SEE YHHF (1994)
Marion Finlayson (1960's)
Marion Sunshine -SEE YHHF (1911)
Marjorie Daw -SEE YHHF (1918)
Marjorie Kent -SEE YHHF (1947)
Mark Lester -SEE YHHF (1968)
Mark-Paul Gosselaar -SEE YHHF (1994)
Marky Mark aka Mark Wahlberg -SEE YHHF (1992)
Marques Houston /Immature -SEE YHHF (1997)
Marta Kristen (1960's)
Martha Sleeper -SEE YHHF (1925)
Martika (1980's)
Martin Garrix -SEE YHHF (2014)
Mary Astor -SEE YHHF (1924)
Mary Brian -SEE YHHF (1925)
Mary Lou Harrington -SEE YHHF (1943)
Mary Jane Irving -SEE YHHF (1922)
Mary Ann Jackson -SEE YHHF (1930)
Mary Kornman -SEE YHHF (1924)
Mary Lee -SEE YHHF (1941)
Mary McAlister -SEE YHHF (1917)
Mary Beth McDonough -SEE YHHF (1974)
Mary Louise Miller (1920's)
Mary Miles Minter -SEE YHHF (1916)
Mary Philbin (1920's)
Mary Pickford -SEE YHHF (1909)
Mary-Kate Olsen -SEE YHHF (1995)
Mason Gamble (1990's)
Matt Dillion -SEE YHHF (1982)
Matthew Garber (1960's)
Matthew Laborteaux -SEE YHHF (1980)
Matthew Lawrence -SEE YHHF (1997)
Matty Roubert -SEE YHHF (1914)
Maureen McCormack -SEE YHHF (1972)
Maurice Murphy -SEE YHHF (1927)
Max Burkholder -SEE YHHF (2014)
Mayim Bialik -SEE YHHF (1993)
McDougall Alley Kids (1920's)
Melissa Gilbert -SEE YHHF (1975)
Melissa Joan Hart -SEE YHHF (1997)
Melissa Sue Anderson -SEE YHHF (1976)
Melody Patterson -SEE YHHF (1967)
Menudo -SEE YHHF (1986)
Michael Chapin -SEE YHHF (1952)
Michael Damian -SEE YHHF (1982)
Michael Hughes (1970's)
Michael Jackson -SEE YHHF (1979)
Michael Lookinland -SEE YHHF (1972)
Michael Winkleman -SEE YHHF (1959)
Michelle Branch -SEE YHHF (2002)
Michelle Williams -SEE YHHF (1999)
Mickey Bennett -SEE YHHF (1928)
Mickey Daniels -SEE YHHF (1923)
Mickey McBan -SEE YHHF (1927)
Mickey McGuire aka Mickey Rooney -SEE YHHF (1929)
Mickey Rooney -SEE YHHF (1929)
Micky Moore -SEE YHHF (1922)
Mike Vitar (1990's)
Mila Kunis -SEE YHHF (2001)
Mildred Harris -SEE YHHF (1914)
Mildred Kornman (1920's)
Miley Cyrus -SEE YHHF (2007)
Mimi Gibson -SEE YHHF (1958)
Mindy Cohn -SEE YHHF (1981)
Miranda Cosgrove -SEE YHHF (2009)
Miriam Battista -SEE YHHF (1922)
Mischa Barton -SEE YHHF (2004)
Missy Gold -SEE YHHF (1982)
Mitchel Musso -SEE YHHF (2009)
Mitzi Green -SEE YHHF (1931)
Moises Arias -SEE YHHF (2010)
Molly Bee -SEE YHHF (1951)
Molly Ringwald -SEE YHHF (1985)
Mona Ray (1920's)
Monica -SEE YHHF (1999)
Monty O'Grady (1920's)
The Mouseketeers -SEE YHHF (1956)
Muriel Frances Dana -SEE YHHF (1923)
Muriel Harbater -SEE YHHF (1930)
Muriel Ostriche -SEE YHHF (1914)
Mya -SEE YHHF (2000)


Nancy Lewis -SEE YHHF (1951)
Nancy McCollum (1940's)
Nancy McKeon -SEE YHHF (1981)
Natalie Portman -SEE YHHF (1999)
Natalie Wood -SEE YHHF (1949)
Nathan Kress -SEE YHHF (2011)
Neil Patrick Harris -SEE YHHF (1990)
Newton Hall -SEE YHHF (1924)
Newton House -SEE YHHF (1928)
New Edition -SEE YHHF (1985)
New Kids on the Block -SEE YHHF (1989)
Nick Carter /Backstreet Boys -SEE YHHF (1998)
The Nicholas Brothers -SEE YHHF (1941)
Nicole Eggert -SEE YHHF (1989)
Nina Dobrev -SEE YHHF (2010)
Nita Hunter -SEE Alvarez Sisters (1940's)
Noah Hathaway (1980's)
Nocki (1920's)
Nolan Gould -SEE YHHF (2015)
Noreen Corcoran -SEE YHHF (1959)
Norma Jean Nilsson -SEE YHHF (1950)
Norma Talmadge -SEE YHHF (1912)
Norman "Chubby" Chaney -SEE YHHF (1931)


Olivia Holt -SEE YHHF (2016)
Omarion /B2K -SEE YHHF (2002)
One Direction -SEE YHHF (2012)
Oren Williams (2000's)
The Osmond Brothers -SEE YHHF (1971)
O-Town -SEE YHHF (2001)


Page Gilman -SEE YHHF (1935)
Pamelyn Ferdin (1960's)
Panic! At The Disco -SEE YHHF (2006)
Paris Themmen (1970's)
Pat Moore -SEE YHHF -SEE YHHF (1922)
Patsy O'Connor (1930's)
Patsy Ruth Miller -SEE YHHF (1923)
Patti Hale aka Diana Hale (1940's)
Patty Duke -SEE YHHF (1963)
Patty McCormack -SEE YHHF (1958)
Paul Anka -SEE YHHF (1958)
Paul Kelly -SEE YHHF (1914)
Paul Petersen -SEE YHHF (1961)
Peaches Jackson -SEE YHHF (1924)
Peggy Ahern (1920's)
Peggy Cartwright -SEE YHHF (1923)
Peggy Ann Garner -SEE YHHF (1945)
Little Peggy March (1960's)
Peggy Montgomery -SEE YHHF (1921)
Peggy Ryan -SEE YHHF (1943)
Peter Billingsley (1980's)
Peyton List -SEE YHHF (2013)
Philip McKeon -SEE YHHF (1979)
Philippe de Lacy -SEE YHHF (1926)
Pink -SEE YHHF (2000)
"Porky" Eugene Lee -SEE YHHF (1938)
Priscilla Moran -SEE YHHF (1924)


"Queen Titania" Helene Pirie -SEE YHHF (1925)
Quinn Cummings -SEE YHHF (1977)
Quvenzhane Wallis -SEE YHHF (2017)


R5 -SEE YHHF (2015)
Ralph Carter -SEE YHHF (1976)
Raven Symone -SEE YHHF (1990)
Raymond Hackett -SEE YHHF (1913)
Rene Dary aka Jimmie -SEE YHHF (1911)
Rex Thompson (1950's)
Rhoda Williams (1950's)
Richard Headrick -SEE YHHF (1923)
Richard "Dick" Holland (1940's)
Richard Keith -SEE YHHF (1957)
Ricky Martin /Menudo -SEE YHHF (1986)
Ricky Nelson -SEE YHHF (1953)
Ricky Schroder -SEE YHHF (1984)
Ricky Segall (1970's)
Rico Rodriguez -SEE YHHF (2011)
Rider Strong -SEE YHHF (1996)
Rihanna -SEE YHHF (2006)
RJ Williams (1990's)
Ritchie Valens -SEE YHHF (1959)
River Phoenix -SEE YHHF (1988)
Rob Lowe -SEE YHHF (1985)
Robby Benson -SEE YHHF (1977)
Robert J. Anderson aka Bobbie Anderson (1940's)
Robert Harron (Bobby Harron) -SEE YHHF (1912)
Roberta Shore -SEE YHHF (1962)
Robin Morgan -SEE YHHF (1951)
Rochelle Hudson -SEE YHHF (1932)
Roddy McDowall -SEE YHHF (1942)
Roger Mobley -SEE YHHF (1965)
Lil Romeo -SEE YHHF (2003)
Ronald Sinclair -SEE YHHF (1939)
Ronny Howard -SEE YHHF (1962)
Ronnie Walken aka Christopher Walken (1950's)
Baby Rose Marie -SEE YHHF (1930)
Rosemary Rice -SEE YHHF (1950)
Ross Lynch -SEE YHHF (2013)
Ross Malinger (1990's)
Rowan Blanchard -SEE YHHF (2017)
Roy Clark -SEE YHHF (1913)
Runa Hodges -SEE YHHF (1915)
Rupert Grint -SEE YHHF (2002)
Russ Tamblyn -SEE YHHF (1952)
Rusty Hamer -SEE YHHF (1955)
Ruth Alvarez -SEE Alvarez Sisters (1940's)
Ryan Merriman (1990's)


Sabrina Carpenter -SEE YHHF (2016)
Sabu -SEE YHHF (1942)
Sadie Frances Osman -SEE YHHF (1912)
Sal Mineo -SEE YHHF (1957)
Sally Field -SEE YHHF (1967)
Samantha Mumba (2000's)
Sammy McKim (1930's)
Sammy Ogg (1950's)
Sandra Dee -SEE YHHF (1960)
Saoirse Ronan -SEE YHHF (2013)
Sara Gilbert -SEE YHHF (1992)
Sarah Michelle Gellar -SEE YHHF (1998)
Sarah Hyland -SEE YHHF (2012)
Saved By The Bell -SEE YHHF (1994)
Scarlett Johansson -SEE YHHF (2005)
Scooter Lowry (1920's)
Scott Baio -SEE YHHF (1979)
Scott Schwartz (1980's)
Scott Weinger (1990's)
Scotty Beckett -SEE YHHF (1937)
Scotty McCreery -SEE YHHF (2011)
Sean Astin -SEE YHHF (1989)
Sean Kingston -SEE YHHF (2008)
Selena Gomez -SEE YHHF (2009)
Shailene Woodley -SEE YHHF (2010)
Shalane McCall -SEE YHHF (1987)
Shanice (1990's)
Shannen Doherty -SEE YHHF (1991)
Sharon Baird -SEE YHHF (1956)
Sharyn Moffet -SEE YHHF (1947)
Shaun Cassidy -SEE YHHF (1978)
Shawn Campbell (1960's)
Shawn Mendes -SEE YHHF (2016)
Shawn Toovey (1990's)
Sheila James -SEE YHHF (1952)
Shelley Fabares -SEE YHHF (1961)
Sherry Jackson -SEE YHHF (1954)
Shia LaBeouf -SEE YHHF (2007)
The Shirelles -SEE YHHF (1962)
Shirley Bell -SEE YHHF (1936)
Shirley Mason -SEE YHHF (1916)
Shirley Jean Rickert (1930's)
Shirley & Lee (1950's)
Shirley Temple -SEE YHHF (1934)
Sidney & Lindsay Greenbush (1970's)
Skai Jackson -SEE YHHF (2016)
Baby Snookums aka Sunny Jim McKeen -SEE YHHF (1929)
Soliel Moon Frye -SEE YHHF (1986)
Sonny Bupp (1940's)
Sophie Turner -SEE YHHF (2015)
Soulja Boy -SEE YHHF (2008)
"Spanky" George McFarland -SEE YHHF (1933)
Spec O'Donnell -SEE YHHF (1925)
Staci Keanan -SEE YHHF (1989)
Stanley Klet -SEE YHHF (1952)
Stanley Livingston -SEE YHHF (1963)
Steiner Twins-Dorothy & Estelle (1930's)
Stevie Wonder -SEE YHHF (1966)
Stuffy Singer (1950's)
Stymie Beard -SEE YHHF (1932)
Sugar Dawn -SEE YHHF (1941)
Sunny Jim McKeen "Baby Snookums" -SEE YHHF (1929)
"Sunshine Sammy" Ernie Morrison -SEE YHHF (1923)
The Supremes -SEE YHHF (1965)
Susan Dey -SEE YHHF (1973)
Susan Gordon (1950's)
Susan Levin (1950's)
Susan Olsen -SEE YHHF (1972)
Suzanne Crough (1970's)
Sybil Jason -SEE YHHF (1936)


Tad Alexander -SEE YHHF (1934)
Tahj Mowry -SEE YHHF (1998)
Tami Erin (1980's)
Tami Stronach (1980's)
Tammy Marihugh (1960's)
Tanya Tucker -SEE YHHF (1973)
t.A.T.u. (2000's)
Tatum O'Neal -SEE YHHF (1973)
Tatyana Ali -SEE YHHF (1995)
Taylor Lautner -SEE YHHF (2009)
Taylor Momsen -SEE YHHF (2010)
Taylor Swift -SEE YHHF (2007)
Ted Donaldson -SEE YHHF (1947)
Teddy Sampson -SEE YHHF (1915)
Tempestt Bledsoe -SEE YHHF (1988)
Terence McMillan (1920's)
Terry Kilburn -SEE YHHF (1940)
Terry Moore -SEE YHHF (1949)
Tevin Campbell -SEE YHHF (1995)
Texas Aber (1920's)
Thelma Salter -SEE YHHF (1915)
Thomas Shirley -SEE YHHF (1913)
Tia & Tamera Mowry -SEE YHHF (1996)
Tiffani-Amber Theissen -SEE YHHF (1994)
Tiffany -SEE YHHF (1988)
Tiffany Brissette -SEE YHHF (1988)
Tim Considine -SEE YHHF (1957)
Tim Hovey -SEE YHHF (1957)
Tina Majorino -SEE YHHF (1995)
Tina Yothers -SEE YHHF (1986)
TLC -SEE YHHF (1993)
Todd Bridges -SEE YHHF (1980)
Tom Brown I -SEE YHHF (1932)
Tom Cruise -SEE YHHF (1983)
Tom Holland -SEE YHHF (2017)
Tommy "Butch" Bond -SEE YHHF (1939)
Tommy Cole -SEE YHHF (1956)
Tommy Cook -SEE YHHF (1944)
Tommy Ivo -SEE YHHF (1949)
Tommy Kelly -SEE YHHF (1938)
Tommy Kirk -SEE YHHF (1957)
Tommy Norden -SEE YHHF (1966)
Tommy Rettig -SEE YHHF (1955)
Tony DeFranco -SEE YHHF (1974)
Tony Dow -SEE YHHF (1959)
Tori Spelling -SEE YHHF (1992)
Tracy Gold -SEE YHHF (1988)
Tuesday Weld -SEE YHHF (1961)
Tula Belle -SEE YHHF (1918)
Twinkle Watts -SEE YHHF (1944)
Tyler James Williams -SEE YHHF (2006)


Usher -SEE YHHF (1998)

Valerie Bertinelli -SEE YHHF (1978)
Vanessa Hudgens -SEE YHHF (2006)
Verna Raymond (1950's)
Veronica Cartwright -SEE YHHF (1966)
Victoria Justice -SEE YHHF (2010)
Viola Dana -SEE YHHF (1915)
Violet Mersereau -SEE YHHF (1911)
Violet Radcliffe -SEE YHHF (1917)
Violet Wilkey -SEE YHHF (1917)
Virginia Davis -SEE YHHF (1924)
Virginia Lee Corbin -SEE YHHF (1917)
Virginia Marshall -SEE YHHF (1926)
Virginia Weidler -SEE YHHF (1937)
Vondell Darr -SEE YHHF (1929)


Wallace Reid Jr. (1930's)
The Waltons -SEE YHHF (1974)
Wayne Newton -SEE YHHF (1963)
Wesley Barry -SEE YHHF (1920)
Wesley Morgan -SEE YHHF (1954)
Winifred Wolfe -SEE YHHF (1937)
"Wheezer" Bobby Hutchins -SEE YHHF (1930)
Wil Wheaton -SEE YHHF (1989)
Will Smith -SEE YHHF (1989)
William Bakewell -SEE YHHF (1929)
The Williams Brothers - David & Andy (1970's)
Willie Aames -SEE YHHF (1979)
Little Willie John -SEE YHHF (1958)
Wilmer Valderrama -SEE YHHF (2001)
Winona Ryder -SEE YHHF (1990)
Wynonna Judd -SEE YHHF (1985)

Yale Boss -SEE YHHF (1911)
Yara Shahidi -SEE YHHF (2017)
Ynez Seabury -SEE YHHF (1912)

Zac Efron -SEE YHHF (2006)
Zachary Ty Bryan -SEE YHHF (1997)
Zachary Gordon -SEE YHHF (2013)
Zachary Isaiah Williams (2000's)
Zena Keife -SEE YHHF (1913)
Zendaya -SEE YHHF (2012)
Zoe Bech (Zoe Rae) -SEE YHHF (1916)

Child Stars to be added to the directory AND/OR looking for information about them:

Albert Hackett, Alicia Adams, Althea Worthley, Arthur Aoyama, Alfie Goulding Jr., Alf Goulding Jr., Assi Ben Jack, Baby Charlotte Johnson, Baby Gene Frazer, Baby Georgia French, Baby Handworth, Baby Hess, Baby Joan Edis, Baby Kelcey, Baby Margie, Baby Meva Sterling, Baby Rosanna Logan, Barbara Boudwin, Barbara Connelly, Basford Kids, Bertha Kirstein, Betty Giles, Bill Roy (Radio), Billy Boudwin, Billy Gee, Billy Haynes, Billy Kent Schaefer, Billy Lauder, Billy Schube, Bobby Alford (CBS Radio), Boddy Burns, Brian Keith, Brian Sisters, Bubbles Trin, Bunny Sunshine Bolivar, Burwell Hamrick, Buster Edmonds, Buster Emmons, Buster Lang, Camilla Cammilla Johnson, Catherine Cotter, Celia Babcock (Radio), Chandler House, Chang, Charles Morton, Charles Walters, Charlotte Fitzpatrick, Charlotte Stevens, Claire Howard (NBC Radio), Claire Mersereau, Clare Foley, Claudia Lamb, Clifford Sales (NBC radio) Clive Rice, Clyde Campbell, De Briac Twins, Dick Svihus, Dodo Newton, Dolly Wilson, Dolores Woodruff, Don Franklin, Don Marion Feducha, Doris Hollister, Dorothea Camben, Dorothy McCann, Douglas Green, Durham Trio (radio), Ebba Mona, Edna Griffin, Edna Mae Wilson, Edwin Mills, Elizabeth Kennedy, Ella McKenzie, Emma Gerdes, Emma Gordes, Enis Beyer, Fay Brierley, Fay Brierly, Fern Collier, Fifi Edwards, Flora Foster, Florence Foley, Florence Haas, Florence Rogan, Fox Gang Comedy Kids, Frances Irwin, Freddie Frederick, Freddie Mercer, Garner Hamm, George Dunning, George Hickman Jr., George Hollister Jr., George Hupp, George Warde, Georgette Bancroft, Georgia Fursman, Gordon Thorpe, Harriet Parsons, Harry Hough, Helen Mack, Helen Rowland, Howard Merrill, Hughie Green, Ida McKenzie, Ivan Curry (radio), Irma Sorter, Jack Bridwell, Jack Cowden, Jack Hanlon, Jackie Hanlon, Jack Huff, Jack Levine, Jackie Lowe, Jackie Kelk, Jacqueline Taylor, James Van Horn, Jane Mercer, jean Johnston, Jeanette Hackett, Jeanette Trebaol, Jerry Farber (NBC radio), Jerry Madden, Jewel Bordeaux, Jimmy Butler, Jimmy mcCallion (NBC radio), Jimmy Van Horn, Jimsy Boudwin, Joan Lazer (CBS radio), John Charles Thomas, Joseph Depew, Josephine Adair, Josephine Hill, Joyce Walsh, Joyce Walsh, June Caprice, June Ellen Terry, June Havoc, June Lang, June Rock, Junior Johnston, Kathie Fisher, Kathleen Coughlin, Kathryn Smiley, Leon Purdue, Leonard Connelly, Lester Taylor, Lincoln Stedman, Lloyd Pearl, Lloyd Perl, Lorraine Rivero, Louise Jones, Louise Sirkin, Lucy Gilman (NBC radio), Lulu Belle (radio), Mack Geddes, Madison Wing, Margaret Caroline Falor, Margaret George, Margie Guerin, Marie Frances Kiernan, Marie Louise Bobb, Mario Lotti, Mark Butch Cavell (radio), Marshall Green, Marshall Ricksen, Marvel Spencer, Marvin Trinn, Mary Dow, Mary Jane Milliken, Mary Lou Neumayer (radio), Mary Morrissy, Mary Small "Little Miss Babo" (radio), Maurice Stewart Jr., Maxine Tabnac, Mildred Cooper, Mildred Higgins, Mildred Hutchinson, Milicent Cooper, Myrtle Wiseman (radio), Nancy Caswell, Nancy Kelly (NBC radio), Nancy McKee, Nancy June Robinson (radio), Newton Hall, Ninon Fovieri, Norman Wilnor (radio), Orilla Smith, Orrilla Smith, Patricia Peardon (NBC radio), Patsy Dowd (NBC radio), Pearl Egan, Peggy George, Quiz Kids, Raymond Hackett, Richard Quine, Robin MacDougall, Ronnie Ralph (radio), Rosanna Logan, Roy Hauck, Seymour Young (NBC radio), Stanley Klet, Stuffy Singer, Thelma Burns, Thelma percy, Thelma Woodruff, Toby Wing, Tommy Hayes, Tommy Hicks, True Boardman Jr, Turner Savage, Verne Winters, Viola Savoy, Virginia Getchell, Virginia Grey, Vyola Von, Wallace Reid Jr., Walter Tetley, Walter Wilkinson, Wayne LaFever, William Baker, William Porter Jr., William Gaillard Falor, Willie Gibbons, Willie Sanders. Winifred Edwards, Winston Doty, Weston Doty, Yvonne Pelletier

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